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CoinSpot Login- The most secure crypto exchange in Australia

Headquartered in Australia, the CoinSpot exchange was founded in the year 2013 soon after the release of the first cryptocurrency. While making your first purchase on any exchange, it is very important that you go through its review or carry out thorough research so that you do not face any kind of glitches on your journey with this platform.

Therefore, we decided to help you with this and we are bringing to you comprehensive details on what CoinSpot is, the CoinSpot login procedure, and the procedure to sign up on the exchange.

In addition to telling you about all these details, we shall also be helping you resolve some of the problems that users have faced in the past. So, without further ado, let’s walk you through the essential details regarding the same.

What is CoinSpot Australia?

Based in Australia, CoinSpot is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy, sell, and exchange crypto assets in an open marketplace. On this exchange, you do not need many funds to start your first trade because here you can trade for as low as $1. The exchange also supports trading with fiat currency, AUD. And the exchange also lists a wide range of crypto assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 290 more crypto assets. This crypto exchange is available for users in the form of a web browser exchange as well as an application.

And most importantly, the fee that they charge for making transactions is also very less and is ranged between 0.1% to 1%. These are a few reasons why a lot of traders are attracted to this platform. Therefore, if you are also interested in using this exchange, then we suggest you go through the list of important instructions that we are about to explain below in different sections.

How do you install the CoinSpot app?

As said already, installing the CoinSpot app is an easy process whether you wish to install it on your Android device or an iOS device. So, follow the steps that are listed below to install the app:

On Android-

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your smartphone

  2. Head to the search box at the top

  3. In it, type “CoinSpot” and press the search icon

  4. When the store searches for the relevant app, pick the official one

  5. After selecting the app icon, click the “Install” option

On iPhone-

  1. Open the iOS App store on your iPhone

  2. In the App Store, please search for “CoinSpot”

  3. Next up, you can select the official app icon

  4. And click the “Get” option to initiate the process

  5. Finally, you can open the app and then sign up for an account

CoinSpot sign up- Register for an account

To get your CoinSpot login credentials ready, here are the easy steps you can follow:

  1. is the website you have to visit

  2. In the following step, enter your email address and click “Get Started”

  3. Next up, what you can do is fill up the form that opens up on your screen

  4. Enter details such as email address, CoinSpot login password, and the referral code

  5. Now, click the “Create account” option followed by completing the human verification

On the following screens, you might need to provide some more details including the banking details, the verification code, etc. Upon filling in these details, your account will be ready to use.

Explaining the CoinSpot login process

For quickly signing in to your CoinSpot account, this is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the page-

  2. Email address and password are required to be fed

  3. Click the given box to let the PC remember your email address

  4. And, verify that you are not a robot

  5. Finally, tap the “Login” button to continue accessing your account

Let’s talk about the CoinSpot fees

When you plan to use any exchange for crypto buying and selling, it is important that you have a basic idea about the fee structure it follows. With complete transparency, this exchange claims to charge the lowest fee in Australia starting from as low as 0.1%. For market orders and OTC, it charges you a few of 0.1%. On the other hand, for instantly buying and selling crypto assets, it charges you a fee of 1%. Similarly, for recurring buy and limit orders, it charges you a 1% fee for the transaction. Also, for swapping crypto through this exchange, you will need to pay a 1% fee for the same.

After knowing the CoinSpot fee structure, you must have realized that it truly is one of the best platforms for crypto Buyers and sellers. The wide collection of crypto assets and transparent fee structure is what makes it worth trying.

How do you stake crypto on CoinSpot?

For CoinSpot staking and earning rewards through crypto holdings, here are the easy steps that you need to take:

  1. After CoinSpot login, go to the dashboard at the top of the page

  2. Now, go to the wallet page on this dashboard

  3. Navigate to the crypto that you wish to stake and select its wallet icon

  4. Click on the option referred to as “Staking” on the left-hand side

  5. Next up, what you need to do is, enter the amount that you wish to stake

  6. On the next screen, select “Stake all available” > “Stake”

  7. The confirmation screen would now show up on your screen and you’re done

Is CoinSpot wallet safe?

If you ask a CoinSpot user whether this exchange is safe or not, then he would definitely tell you that it is one of the safest exchanges that are available out there. One most important thing worth noting about this exchange is that it is one of the few exchanges that haven’t undergone any kind of scams or hacking. The exchange uses a high-end security mechanism to make sure that all your crypto funds remain secure in a confidential system.

How to enable two-factor authentication on CoinSpot?

In case you wish to make your CoinSpot account more secure, you should enable the 2FA security feature on it. For the same purpose, you need to take some actions:

  1. At first, you need to download the Google Authenticator app from the application store

  2. Sign up on it and then go to the My Account menu

  3. Select the “Security” option and then select 2-factor authentication

  4. Now, click on the enable option for the same and follow the easy steps to add the CoinSpot app to it

What currency does CoinSpot use?

Although CoinSpot does not have a native crypto token it still allows you to trade with a huge collection of crypto assets. In case you are using this exchange to trade crypto assets, then this platform has got you covered in different ways. Here you can buy, sell, and swap different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Cardano, NEO, etc.

As said already, you can use this exchange for placing a limit order, stop orders, buying, selling, and swapping crypto assets. The collection of assets that are included in it are as many as 290+ and all the widely known and lesser known cryptos are included in this list.

Why is CoinSpot not working?

At times, CoinSpot may also give you real-time problems and outages causing a delay in your work. While the exchange makes sure that you do not face any such glitch so often, you may still face these issues time and again. However, there are some actions that you can take in order to come out of this problem. For example, you can try to check if the website server is facing outages or it is down. Apart from that, you can also clear off browsing history, cache, and cookies which would help you fix some minor problems with this exchange.

Else, you can contact the CoinSpot support team. If you do not know how to do that, here is what you need to do.

How do you contact CoinSpot?

To get access to the customer resolution center on CoinSpot, you can go ahead with trying out these steps:

  1. Visit the website

  2. Here you can choose any relevant topic that you are interested to know about

  3. Else, use one of the contact options- Chat now/ Submit a ticket

  4. Follow the instructional prompts to get the necessary help


As it is evident by the information provided here, having a CoinSpot login account comes with several benefits and advantages. With your CoinSpot account, you can involve in several crypto-related activities such as buying, selling, and swapping crypto assets. Here, you can place stop and limit orders along with making sure that your accounts are secured with a robust security mechanism. Being one of the most reliable exchanges, CoinSpot makes sure that you do not face any hurdles during your journey with this platform. But, it is also your duty to be extra careful.

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